The Icelandic horse is one of Iceland’s national treasures, a unique breed of horse preserved in the country since the first settlement. Used for centuries for farming and travel, and often called man’s best servant, he is now a riding horse and his owner’s close friend. With his special talents he is in demand throughout the world.

The Horses of Iceland is a remarkably beautiful 144 page photography book by Gígja D. Einarsdóttir. The book shows a wide range of photographs of the Icelandic horse in his natural environment, winter, summer, spring and autumn.

The author, Gígja D. Einarsdóttir, has from childhood enjoyed a relationship both with the Icelandic horse and the country’s nature, with camera seldom far from hand. Gígja’s reputation for horse photographs is long established, as is her special talent for capturing the moment.

Stærð: 16,0 cm á hæð, 20,6 cm á breidd.
144 blaðsíður.
ISBN 978-9935-421-49-4
Verð kr. 4.690